Sticky Bomb

The sticky bomb was a British hand grenade used in World War II. It was used as an anit-tank weapon against the German forces as a solution from the lack of anti-tank guns. The grenade consisted of a glass sphere containing nitroglycerin and covered by a sheet metal casting. When the user pulled a pin on the handle of the grenade, the outer case of the grenade would fall off and expose the glass sphere. After another pin was pulled to start the firing mechanism, the soldier would then attempt to attach the grenade to an enemy tank or other vehicle with enough force to break the sphere. Following it being attached, releasing the lever on the handle would activate a five-second fuse, which would then explode the nitroglycerin. They were also used in the famous movie "Saving Private Ryan."

Mills Grenade

A golf club designer from Sunderland named William Mills developed and manufactured the first 'Mills bomb' at the Mills Munition Factory in Birmingham, England, in 1915. The Mills grenade was another popular hand grenade used by the British and was adopted by the British Army as its standard hand grenade in 1915. The Mills were a classic design, the outer part of the grenade was grooved cast iron and was shaped like a pineapple.The Mills was a defensive grenade, after throwing the user had to take cover immediately. The grenade was fitted with a four second fuse so that it would reduce the time the enemy had to to escape. The "pineapple" shape of the grenade caused it to have alot of fragmentation after it exploded. The Mills grenade was used for 65 years between 1915 and the 1970's. Since the Mills grenade remained in use for so many years it showed that it had much effectiveness. It was later adopted after World War II by the U.S.

Stun Grenade

The stun grenade (or also known as flashbang) is a non lethal weapon that when detonated, makes a loud bang and blinding flash within five feet of the grenade. It is powerful enough to make temporary deafness and blindness. If caught within the grenade's range, it could cause disorientation, confusion, and loss of balance. It is designed to be thrown into enclosed spaces to distract and temporarily stun enemies for easier capture. The M84 is the current issue stun grenade of the United States Army.