Welcome to weaponry 101. 

Here we will be teaching you the importance of innovation in weaponry.  On our website we only talk about advancements from WW1 to Modern Times.  If you have any ideas of how we can improve our site go to contact us section on the left.  You can also visit our blog area to tell us information about our subject or if you have any ideas.  We have some primary resources that we used including the Air Force, Armalite, and Harvard.

Weaponry is something that is both necessary and not necessary.  If weapons weren't in our world then we have as much crimes and such but we also wouldn't have protection.  Weapons are used for war and protection.  Even though that is what they are meant for people take advangtage of them and use them to get what they want.  Different weapons are used in the military but somehow bad people get their hands on them.  Weapons are very important but they could also be the cause of a lot of problems.